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CBLDFNews Liberty Comics #2 Previews! Order Yours Today!

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This October, Image Comics publishes the second volume of the blockbuster CBLDF benefit anthology Liberty Comics! 

Liberty Comics #2 (AUG090303), a 48-page full color comic book for $4.99, will be in stores October, 14 2009, but you can preview it today by following the links below!  This Thursday is the final order cutoff, so ask your retailer to set aside your copy today!

Liberty Comics #2 features an incentive cover & story by JIM LEE in collaboration with NEIL GAIMAN.  The regular edition is available with two covers, Kick-Ass by JOHN ROMITA, JR. and a noir anti-censorship image by TIM SALE.  Also appearing in the book are: a Painkiller Jane story by JIMMY PALMIOTTI and JIM RUGG; a new Mr. Gum adventure from MIKE ALLRED, DAVE JOHNSON and JAMIE S. RICH; The Apocalypstix by RAY FAWKES and CAMERON STEWART, a return to Channel Zero by BRIAN WOOD; a preview of Choker by BEN MCCOOL and BEN TEMPLESMITH; and a special Martha Washington piece by DAVE GIBBONS, alongside exclusive material by PAUL POPE; KATHRYN & STUART IMMONEN; CHYNNA CLUGSTON; PAUL GRIST; and JASON AARON & MORITAT. 

Liberty Comics Previews:

CBR profiles Liberty Comics contributors and previews Jim Lee cover, and stories by Mike Allred and Ben Templesmith: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=23003

CBR showcases Jim Lee's creative process in his collaboration with Neil Gaiman:

Newsarama previews stories by Jason Aaron & Moritat and Jimmy Palmiotti & Jim Rugg:

The Beat previews Channel Zero by Brian Wood:

The Beat previews Paul Pope & Chynna Clugston-Flores stories:


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CBLDFNews CBLDF At WonderCon!

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This weekend WonderCon opens in San Francisco, and the CBLDF will be there with parties, programs, and an art studio in the booth! Here's the inside scoop:

Friday: CBLDF's Drink & Draw Welcome Party!

Ring in WonderCon this Friday at the world famous 111 Minna Art Gallery with the CBLDF's Second Annual Drink & Draw Welcome Party! Witness live art, mingle with your favorite pros and raise a toast to Free Speech!

The Rev. Dave Johnson, co-founder of the Drink & Draw Social Club will be presiding over a host of incredible artists including Spain Rodriguez, Paul Mavrides, Erik Larsen, David Mack, Jill Thompson, Charlie Wylie, Brian Azzarello, Larry Marder, Richard Starkings, Moritat, Ivan Brandon & more!

This party will also feature a special raffle to benefit the recovery of Underground Comix legend S. Clay Wilson.

The party is this Friday, February 27, 7:00 PM to 10 PM at 111 Minna Street Gallery. $5 suggested donation for CBLDF members; $10 suggested donation for non-members. The party is sponsored by Image Comics (www.imagecomics.com) and Last Gasp of San Francisco (www.lastgasp.com).

Saturday: CBLDF Live Art Jam!

Witness live art created before your eyes at the CBLDF Live Art Jam! Jim Lee (Batman), Dave Johnson (100 Bullets), Jill Thompson (Magic Trixie), Wendy Pini (Elfquest), and Matt Wagner (Grendel) will create original art projected on the big screen! The Live Art Jam gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of these masters' artistic processes and is not to be missed by fans and students alike. All art will be auctioned at the end of the event to benefit the First Amendment legal work of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. 3:30 to 5:00 PM, Room 220/224 at WonderCon.

CBLDF Studio - Booth #725

Stop by the CBLDF booth throughout the convention to witness your favorite artists sketching to benefit the CBLDF! Dave Johnson headlines a cast of artists who will be popping by throughout the show to make original art to benefit the Fund. All art will be put on display when finished, and available for your donations. Also be sure to browse our selection of premiums, which includes red-hot items like signed copies of Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book; Terry Moore's Echo; 100 Bullets; Walking Dead, and much much more! Plus exclusive Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Neverwear items!

Don't miss out on the fun - support the Fund at WonderCon!

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CBLDFNews Celebrate Will Eisner Week This March!

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Celebrate Will Eisner Week

The first week of March will mark the inaugural Will Eisner Week, a celebration of Will Eisner's legacy in graphic novel literacy and free expression. A collaborative project of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, The Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation, and a variety of comics institutions, Will Eisner Week is chaired by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design's Assistant Professor Barbara Schulz. Will Eisner Week will be celebrated this year from March 1 to March 7, commemorating the 92nd anniversary of Eisner's birth.

Will Eisner Week is intended as an ongoing celebration that will promote graphic novel literacy, free speech awareness, and the legacy of Eisner himself to a broad audience. This first annual celebration is themed "The Spirit of A Legend," examining Will Eisner's seminal Spirit comic, as well as the spirit inherent in his work that has inspired generations of comic readers and artists. This theme will be explored at events in Minneapolis at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, in Savannah at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and in New York City.

In addition to events, a variety of academic papers and group activity assignments are available on WillEisnerWeek.com. These include:

Diana Schutz: Comic Artist Will Eisner

Diana Green: Other Trench(ant) Coats: Dr. Drew and the Wraith as Spirit Pastiches

Frenchy Lunning: The Hero High Above the City

Ivan Brunetti: Worst. Page. Ever.

Paul Karasik: Will Eisner, Grandaddy to the SuperHero Generation.

Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation President Carl Gropper says, "The Foundation is very excited to be working with three such prestigious organizations to celebrate the accomplishments and the position of the Graphic Novel in current culture. Will Eisner spent his seven decades-long career showing what could be accomplished with Sequential Art and Will Eisner Week will continue that work. In 1978 no mainstream publisher would publish Will Eisner's first graphic novel and in 2008 the graphic novel was the one of the few areas of growth in all media including publishing, television, and the movies adding billions to the worldwide economy."

CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein says, "Will Eisner was a staunch advocate of comics and free expression throughout his life. His work for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund was tireless, and we are proud to honor his legacy through this initiative. Over time, we hope that Will Eisner Week will be used to focus ever more attention on graphic novel literacy and the wide range of free expression that comics encourage."


Google Browser Comic

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Thursday, 26 February 2009

GGRRR - issue 6

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Pony Express for February 2009

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Welcome to the Dark Horse Newsletter!
This year marks the tenth anniversary of Eric Powell's The Goon. So . . . congratulations, Mr. Powell!

Now, what's to say about The Goon that hasn't already been said? It's a story that really has it all: The undead. A talking spider. Ladies of the burlesque persuasion. Monsters. Thugs. A whiskey barrel full of humor. Fingernail-biting suspense (maybe just finger-biting). A big lug of an antihero. And, occasionally, a guy in diapers who soils himself. The series has also been honored with multiple awards throughout its run, including the International Horror Guild Award for Best Illustrated Narrative (2003), and Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards for Best Single Issue (Goon#1, 2004), Best Humor Publication (2005), Best Continuing Series (2005), Best Writer/Artist--Humor (2008), and Best Painter or Multimedia Artist (2008). And recently, Powell's The Goon has been optioned by acclaimed director and producer David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club, Zodiac) and Academy Award-nominated Blur Studio to develop as a CG-animated feature film with Dark Horse Entertainment.

Did you make it out to the Big Apple for New York Comic Con? If not, don't sweat it. We've got the latest news and pictures from the Dark Horse booth.

And have you heard about our plans for Domo?

At Toy Fair 2009, Dark Horse unveiled plans to produce a set of blind-box figures scheduled to release this July. The 2.5" figures will be created in conjunction with Toy2R as part of their Qee program, and will feature the likeness of Domo in a way you've never seen before! Get the full story here!

I'll be talkin' to you next month!

P.S. Oh yeah, don't forget to enter the Goon 10th Anniversary Contest for your chance to win some cool prizes! Viva El Bruto!

--Matthew Parkinson, Pony Express Editor
(e-mail your comments to sireditrix@darkhorse.com)
We've got the lowdown on all your favorite titles!
  • Dark Horse will be exhibiting at WonderCon in San Francisco, California. February 27 - March 1. Make sure to swing by our booth (#624) and check out our great creator/artist signings, giveaways, panels, and more! In the meantime, here's our signing schedule.

  • Travel to a previously uncharted era in Star Wars history as The Old Republic unveils a galaxy on the brink of destruction nearly 4,000 years before Luke Skywalker! Chronicling critical events prior to LucasArts and BioWare's eagerly anticipated massive multiplayer online game, Dark Horse is creating all-new eComics for the series, which will go live starting February 27! You can read them exclusively at www.swtor.com. And speaking of Star Wars, watch our video interview with DH Senior Editor Randy Stradley, where he talks about the new upcoming SW series, Invasion!

  • The latest issue of MySpace Dark Horse Presents has been posted! Stories for this month include Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rapture, and more! It's all new, all free, and all available to read now! Plus, don't forget to check out the Dark Horse MySpace page as well.

  • Try your hand at our new coloring game, featuring art from Tara McPherson's Somewhere Under the Rainbow Kit.

  • Follow Dark Horse on Twitter for the latest and greatest news as it's released!

  • Be sure to check out our Hellboy: The Epilogues eComic and The Art of Hellboy Flip Book!
It's A New York February
By David Scroggy
We have just returned from the fourth installment of the ever-more-successful New York Comic-Con, and other than freezing our toes off and confirming that the city still makes the best pizza in the world, we are able to make an interesting observation of Dark Horse's (and by extension our entire industry's) place in the uncertain economic times we are all facing in 2009.

It is no secret that we are all feeling the pinch financially. However, we have a strong belief that our market is better able to withstand the vagaries of bad times better than most. Why? Because the material that Dark Horse brings forward, both as publisher and merchandiser, resonates strongly with the people who read and collect it. We are confident that because we only work with creators and properties that mean a lot to us, the projects created will mean a lot to you.

Sometimes we get it right, and sometimes we might miss the mark, but the effort always comes from the heart.

Unlike a lot of industries, we enjoy the ability to meet with our customers face to face at events like New York Comic-Con. This is really valuable for us. Not only does it give us a chance to say thank you, but also to share a sneak peek at forthcoming projects. We were very gratified to see that Umbrella Academy is gaining in popularity, that Buffy remains strong, that Hellboy is now firmly established in the pantheon of comics' greatest heroes . . . and that Eric Powell still hasn't paid his outstanding parking tickets or bar tab, which means that unlike most of the attendees who don a costume to come to the convention, Eric must disguise himself when he leaves the safety of his fans and ventures forth into the city. It is so the cops don't get him.

Read the rest of the editorial here!
Book Barn
The Goon #32: Anniversary Issue features thirty-two pages of story from creator Eric Powell, and a sketchbook section with contributions from Eric's comic-creator heroes -- Mike Mignola! Jeff Smith! Kevin Nowlan! And more! Simply enter for your chance to win in the The Goon #32 Giveaway Contest.

Comic Feedbag Comics Feedbag
Number Five and The Rumor have accepted a terrible mission, and after enduring torture and a brush with nuclear Armageddon, the rest of the surviving Umbrella Academy have to put aside their infighting to try to find their brother and sister, racing through history to do so. Make sure to pick up The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #4.
Book Barn Book Barn
Step onto the crazy ride known as MPD-Psycho, as even more strange deviants are introduced and writer Eiji Otsuka continues to astound with his inventive plot twists and atrocities. Named one of Publishers Weekly's best reads of 2007! Check out MPD-Psycho Volume 8.

Product Parade Product Parade Dark Horse Deluxe has depicted the whole Dilbert gang in 3-D! Capturing Scott Adams's style was a challenge, but we have not only nailed the look, but even have placed the characters in special packaging designed to resemble an office-cubicle environment. For your approval: the Dilbert PVC Set.

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GGRRR - issue 5

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